Silver City 50k Run – September 3, 2011

I was hugely privileged to be able to take five friends to run the Silver City Endurance Runs 50k course today. We all agreed that the scenic vistas were unparalleled and that the country was beautiful and unique. The mixture of junipers, aspens, wildflowers, evergreens, rock outcroppings, sage, and mine tailings make this run beautiful. A couple of climbs make the run challenging, but overall the 50k course is very runnable, as are the 100k and 30k routes as well. Registration will begin at the Wilson Creek Frozen 50k on January 21, 2012. See all the pictures from this weekend’s run here.

Hayden Peak, Silver City Idaho

Runners atop Hayden Peak near Silver City, Idaho, elev. 8400'

Dawning of a golden morning on the Silver City Endurance Runs 50k course.

War Eagle Mountain, Silver City, Idaho

Runners below War Eagle Mountain

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Course Scouting – July 7, 2011

On July 7, 2011, we were finally successful in riding MOST of the 100k course that remained unscouted. Get excited, guys. This is a tremendously diverse and beautiful course, beginning in Silver City (elev. 6100′) and traversing from a high at Hayden Peak (8400′) to a low out towards Reynolds Creek (5300′).

Today we were successful in riding almost the remaining unscouted sections of potential course. After weathering one of the most intense thunder and lightning storms I’ve ever encountered in person, while atop a mountain just southwest of Hayden Peak, Davina and I encountered a large downed tree across the trail with no alternate routes for the ATV, so our day came to an end. So close. There were still a couple of snow fields, but nothing that couldn’t be conquered, especially for runners on foot. This certainly has been a large snow year. Next ride: we’re taking our husbands and the chainsaw; this should allow us to cover all the courses in their entirety to secure GPS tracks.

Em & Davina

Davina and Ranger Rick with the Hayden Peak towers, elev. 8400'. Yeehaw!

View From Hayden Peak

The view from Hayden Peak.

Hayden Peak Drop Off

That's a long way down from the summit of Hayden! This was as close as the photographer would get to the edge.

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Course Scouting – June 25, 2011

We made it a point to go course scouting on what will be race weekend next year. This has been an unusually high snow year, so the course was not rideable in its entirety on ATV, but it will be passable on foot. One benefit to holding this run early in the summer is the incredible greenery and flowers that blanket the course. Also, temperatures should be cool to pleasant. View all pictures from this day.

Pictures from course scouting 8.20.2011

View of mountains around Silver City.

Small snow fields remain, keeping the mountains cool and enhancing the beauty.

Trail doubling as a stream

This is the trail, doubling as a creek early in the summer.

Meadow Ridge, beautiful flowers and green grass.

Meadow Ridge, awash in wildflowers and greenery.

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