June 18, 2013 Runner Briefing

Hi, Runners!

Pickled Feet Ultra Running is SO EXCITED that you are all coming to Silver City this weekend. The course is snow free and looks amazing. And there are no rocks. Okay, that last part was a lie.

Following is essentially the pre-race briefing. If you do nothing else to prepare for the race or do not plan on paying attention at the pre-race briefing, please read this! Emily and Davina will be out of cell and email contact starting Wednesday the 19th. So, if you have questions, you should email back tonight. But most likely your question can be answered by reading this email or the website.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook event yet, you should. It’s a good place to talk about the race and arrange ridesharing: https://www.facebook.com/events/334813743288492/. Please try to carpool, especially if you are in the 50k or 30k; parking will be really tight! You can park and rideshare from the Nampa Rec Center or at some of the big ATV trailheads in the Murphy area.

Packet Pickup & Bib #s: Packet pickup will be conducted this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-6pm at The Pulse Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian, Idaho. You may also pick up your packets on-site Friday the 21st from 4-9 pm and the morning of your race no later than 15 minutes before your race start (but no earlier than 3:00 am for 100k because, hello, no one will be awake then).

Your packet will not include your bib #. You will be required to check in at the start line, which is when you will receive your bib #; your timing chip will be attached. This will ensure that we know exactly who started and who we will be monitoring on the course. Most aid stations will have HAM operators.

**NEW** 100k Fast People Late Start Option: …is 5:37 am Saturday morning. Please let the checkin people know if you will be taking the late start when you get to the race. Cutoffs remain the same for both regular start and late start options. If you have ANY QUESTION about whether or not you might make the cutoffs, do not take the late start. (I’m not going to name any names, but YOU’RE WELCOME.)

Mandatory 100k Pre-Race Briefing: 7:00 PM Friday evening on-site at the start/finish. The 50k and 30k briefings will be held at the start lines of those respective races 10 minutes before race start. There will be no 100k start line briefing, so please try to make it to the night-before briefing.


  • 100k Mile 38, 5:00 PM at the Silver City Aid Station
  • 30k (mile 10.2), 50k (mile 25), 100k (mile 45.8), 7:30 PM at the Jordan Creek Aid Station
  • 100k Mile 51, 9:45 PM at the Delamar Aid Station (strict!)
  • 2:00 AM Finish Line Cutoff to receive finish award

Cell Service: There is an AT&T cell tower on War Eagle Mountain. Otherwise you are probably not going to have any cell service at all. All the ‘locals’ have AT&T cell service. Speaking of services, there are none in Silver City. It’s a semi-ghost town that does not even have electricity.

Portapotty: There will only be ONE portapotty available at the race start. With the small fields starting in each race, this should not be an issue. Just HEADS UP; there also plenty of bushes and trees around. Please use good ‘leave no trace’ practices.

Drop Bags: Allowed at Silver City, Jordan Creek & Delamar for the 100k and Jordan Creek only for the 50k & 30k. By using only these locations, we will be much more successful in getting your drop bags transported back out to the finish the same day as the race. ;) All drop bags must be at the race start in the appropriate piles by the time your race starts on Saturday morning. 100k late starters, please have your drop bags in staged before the 4:00 am start, or the night before.

Headlamps: 100k runners, if you think you’re going to get back to Slackers at mile 60 before dark (9-9:30 PM), you could leave your headlamp there at mile 12.4 and then pick it up again later. Otherwise, you will want to have a headlamp in your Delamar drop bag. 50k runners, if you think you’ll be FINISHING the race after 9:00 PM, you will want to pick up a headlamp from your Jordan Creek dropbag. Dennis at Slackers is not going to have enough lighting to supply all of you who don’t plan ahead and get stuck out there in the dark! That being said, I don’t think ANY of last year’s 50kers finished in the dark or even close to it.

Crews: PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAUTIOUSLY and limit your activities to Silver City Road and Jordan Road unless you have a good 4WD vehicle. Even then, we advise higher clearance vehicles for any road past the race start toward Silver City or Jordan Valley. Hayden Saddle is accessible with 4WD vehicles, but please note that you will NOT be able meet your runner at both Silver City Aid and Hayden Saddle Aid – you won’t have time. Everyone will get a printout of the course map in their race packet and we’ll be happy to explain crew directions based on that map if needed after the races start. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY THROUGH SILVER CITY and only park in authorized areas or actual pullouts. We want to leave a good impression, and that’s up to families and crews too.

Pacers: Allowed in the 50k/30k if you are age 60+ and have contacted us. Pacers are allowed for anyone in the 100k starting from the Silver City Mile 38 aid station. Anyone who will have a pacer or safety runner on the course with them MUST have them stop by the start/finish and fill out one of our USATF waivers. THANK YOU.

Camping: There is free, disbursed, non-established camping all around the area. You just have to drive around and look for spots. There are some good places along Jordan Road down by the creek. The camping areas within the start/finish will be first-come first served, and as long as there is room anyone is welcome to camp there; but please keep in mind that we’ll be up VERY early running generators and such in that area on Saturday morning. If you are a 50k runner who wants to sleep until 6 am, you might want to find a different spot to camp.

Private Property: Please assume that land you are passing over is private. There is no way to tell, as most/none of it is posted as such. There are literally mine shafts right by some of the roadways. Under no circumstances, no matter what sort of ultra-haze you are in, should you leave the roadways to inspect remains of any kind – mines, buildings, animals, humans, etc.

This private land warning is ESPECIALLY important when you are running THROUGH the town of Silver City. Most people are open to having us there and will be cheering you on. There are some who do not like outsiders and who will be very cranky if they find you peering in the windows of their, admittedly, interesting homes. When running through the town, take in the sights but keep moving. ALL homes and buildings are privately owned.

Runner Safety & Mp3 Players: Silver City is a hotbed of activity for camping, ATV recreation, and horse riding. ATVs (other than the ones involved with our event from the Boise & Canyon County ATV Clubs) will most certainly not be expecting to encounter foot traffic on the roads and trails. Especially on the road portions you will be running, people like to drive fast and reckless on ATVs. YOU are RESPONSIBLE for maintaining your own safety, and MP3 players are strongly discouraged, especially on the road sections. Run facing traffic, just like you would on any other road.

Course Markings:

  • 100k – follow the YELLOW flagging
  • 30k – follow the ORANGE flagging
  • 50k – follow the GREEN flagging
  • Marked with small strips of highly reflective automotive tape: Start to Slackers and the loop above Slackers (100k); Slackers to the finish (all races); Delamar to Slackers (100k)
  • Roads & trails to NOT follow will not be marked at all; if you have not seen flagging for a quarter mile or so, you should probably go back to the last place you saw one of the race flaggings and go from there.
  • You will also see laminated arrows and informational signage throughout the course; arrows on stakes will be placed at critical junctions; keep in mind the possibility for course marking vandalism exists.
  • Intersections will be double or triple flagged on the inside in the direction of the turn with a confidence flag placed within a tenth of a mile after the turn.

Finisher Awards: The finisher awards this year were a labor of love by the Jackson Family (Davina, Jeremy, and Uncle Donny). They are old horseshoes with vintage brass cow tags attached. The cow tag matches your bib number (cool, right?). We hope these are motivation for you to finish. Thanks also to the McBride Family (Long Gulch aid station) for helping to round up horseshoes. Top 3 male and female in each race will receive a horseshoe ultra runner.

Thanks: Canyon County ATV Club (Rick Harris & Kenny Millhouse for coordinating), Boise ATV Riders, Murphy-Reynolds-Wilson Volunteer Fire Department/EMTs, Valley Wide REACT HAM operators (Russ Dunn for coordinating),SignHype, Tempus Photo Design (smile when you get to the Silver City Aid Station!), Allen Sandquist Photo,  Jeremy/Davina/Donny Jackson for handcrafting the amazing vintage finisher awards, The Pulse Running & Fitness, Starbucks Nampa (Kristine Goodman), Scott Sports (title sponsor of the Idaho Trail Ultra Series, of which this race is a part), Hammer Nutrition, Trailrunner Magazine, UltraRunning Magazine, Crossfit 208, Rolling H Cycles, PlanetTees (Mark Colton), Sinker Creek Outfitters & Paul Nettleton, Nampa Smiles Dentistry, Dennis Ahern Woodworking, The Cascade Project, the Idaho Department of Lands and the BLM for permitting, and all of the private landowners who have graciously allowed passage.

Who’s going to be at the aid stations:

  • Slackers Corner: Boise Trail Runners, headed up by Dennis Ahern
  • Silver City: Tony Salazar & Family (they were the flamingo oasis in the Black Mountain desert last year)
  • Hayden Saddle: Nellie & Aaron Pryor & Jeremy Jackson & their kids
  • Long Gulch: Back from last year: The McBrides (Davina’s brother) and the Ingrams (EMT)
  • Jordan Creek: Salt Flats Race Directors Vince & Chriss Romney, along with the Uptons and Shanda Doughman
  • Delamar: Back from last year, Wayne Ebenroth and Roger Jorstad with Kristine our Starbucks diva; Delamar, Jordan Creek & Slackers will have Starbucks Via packets available!
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Silver City 50k Run – September 3, 2011

I was hugely privileged to be able to take five friends to run the Silver City Endurance Runs 50k course today. We all agreed that the scenic vistas were unparalleled and that the country was beautiful and unique. The mixture of junipers, aspens, wildflowers, evergreens, rock outcroppings, sage, and mine tailings make this run beautiful. A couple of climbs make the run challenging, but overall the 50k course is very runnable, as are the 100k and 30k routes as well. See all the pictures from this weekend’s run here. Pictures from course scouting 8.20.2011

Hayden Peak, Silver City Idaho

Runners atop Hayden Peak near Silver City, Idaho, elev. 8400'

Dawning of a golden morning on the Silver City Endurance Runs 50k course.

War Eagle Mountain, Silver City, Idaho

Runners below War Eagle Mountain

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Course Scouting – July 7, 2011

On July 7, 2011, we were finally successful in riding MOST of the 100k course that remained unscouted. Get excited, guys. This is a tremendously diverse and beautiful course, beginning in Silver City (elev. 6100′) and traversing from a high at Hayden Peak (8400′) to a low out towards Reynolds Creek (5300′).

Today we were successful in riding almost the remaining unscouted sections of potential course. After weathering one of the most intense thunder and lightning storms I’ve ever encountered in person, while atop a mountain just southwest of Hayden Peak, Davina and I encountered a large downed tree across the trail with no alternate routes for the ATV, so our day came to an end. So close. There were still a couple of snow fields, but nothing that couldn’t be conquered, especially for runners on foot. This certainly has been a large snow year. Next ride: we’re taking our husbands and the chainsaw; this should allow us to cover all the courses in their entirety to secure GPS tracks.

Em & Davina

Davina and Ranger Rick with the Hayden Peak towers, elev. 8400'. Yeehaw!

View From Hayden Peak

The view from Hayden Peak.

Hayden Peak Drop Off

That's a long way down from the summit of Hayden! This was as close as the photographer would get to the edge.

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Course Scouting – June 25, 2011

We made it a point to go course scouting on what will be race weekend next year. This has been an unusually high snow year, so the course was not rideable in its entirety on ATV, but it will be passable on foot. One benefit to holding this run early in the summer is the incredible greenery and flowers that blanket the course. Also, temperatures should be cool to pleasant. View all pictures from this day.

Pictures from course scouting 8.20.2011

View of mountains around Silver City.

Small snow fields remain, keeping the mountains cool and enhancing the beauty.

Trail doubling as a stream

This is the trail, doubling as a creek early in the summer.

Meadow Ridge, beautiful flowers and green grass.

Meadow Ridge, awash in wildflowers and greenery.

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